| 2023 RESULTS


Nairobi has been awarded gold label classification with the Kenyan tour dubbed ‘Kip Keino Classic’ in honor of Kenya’s trailblazing athlete Kipchoge Keino. The World Athletics Continental Tour aims to create a coherent global tour of the best international one-day meets outside of the Wanda Diamond League and reach across every continental area.

The 4th edition came with its share of surprises as new and existing contenders battled it out on the Tatum track arena against the champions. The event witnessed great performances from champions such as Ferdinand Omanyala and was also graced by legends such as the 1968 Olympic Games sprinter John Carlos and 1992 Barcelona Olympic 400m hurdles champion Kevin Young.

The organizers hope to benchmark all future events on the successful launch of the 2020 Tour. Besides the Kip Keino Classic providing participating partners the opportunity to promote to a global audience, it will also create new avenues for fans to watch our leading athletes, either in person, via broadcast, or live stream across local and international media.

The 5th edition will be held on 20 April 2024 and everyone is invited.