KipKeino Classic – named after Kenya’s trailblazing Olympian Kipchoge Keino is one in many World Athletic Continental 2020 Tour series of the world’s best one day meetings outside the diamond league to be held in Kenya. The World Athletics Continental Tour is a series on meetings divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze classifications, whose rank will be determined by the quality of the competition and the prize money offered. Nairobi has been awarded Gold label classification with the Kenyan tour stop named the ‘Kip Keino Classic’. KipKeino Clasic provides participating partners the opportunity to promote to a global audience. It is envisaged that Nairobi will play host to over 300 athletes from 50 different countries during the event.

Our Mandate

  • Creating programs that increase the number of participants in the event
  • Generating positive profile for athletes and the meet
  • Supporting the event’s core values of open communication, transparency, accountability, responsibility, respect, integrity, selflessness, growth and learning, and professional excellence.
  • Ensuring that Kip Keino Classic events are successful and well

Official Sponsors

Official Partners